Bikini and Brazilian Waxing

Are you ready to go as bare as you dare down there?

Skinny Dip Waxing offers a full range of premium bikini and Brazilian waxing services. Whether your goal is to be ready for swimsuit season or go completely smooth from front to back, our professional aestheticians can provide exactly the look you desire.

Our advanced bikini and Brazilian waxing techniques are designed to be as gentle as they are effective. We specialize in minimizing discomfort and protecting your skin, and we promise you will love the results.


Bikini Waxing

If you’re new to waxing, or not quite sure what services you’d like, don’t be shy! We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. We will work with you to achieve exactly the look and feel that’s right for you.

Modest? Don’t be, because our professional technicians have helped countless clients with their bikini waxing and hair removal needs. Our hygienic spa-like environment will help you feel at ease and, of course, all of our hair removal services are performed in complete privacy, with your comfort and safety in mind.

You won’t find our level of care anywhere else in the greater Salt Lake City area.

Contact Skinny Dip Waxing to schedule your appointment for a Brazilian or bikini wax today.

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