Facial Waxing

Put your best face forward with Skinny Dip’s facial waxing services.

Our licensed estheticians can remove all of your unwanted facial hair, leaving you looking smooth, clean and beautiful. Many men and women are sensitive to excess hair growth on the face, and waxing is the easiest and most long-lasting way to achieve the perfect results.

Precision is incredibly important in lip and eyebrow waxing, because it involves working around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Facial Waxing South Jordan

Our professional technicians use precision techniques for applying wax around the contours of the face, and will remove only the hair you wish to be rid of. We take the utmost care to give you the natural-looking appearance you seek.

We’re known for providing our clients with gorgeous, well-defined eyebrows with our eyebrow waxing service, but we also offer other waxing options for the chin, upper lip or cheek areas. Many clients prefer our full facial waxing services, which include the removal of all excess hair over the face.

Above all, we emphasize your privacy, comfort and safety. We use the highest quality warm waxing products, designed to minimize redness and discomfort. With lip and eyebrow waxing, you’ll leave our salon glowing and fuzz-free, ready to face the world.

Contact Skinny Dip Waxing today to schedule your facial waxing appointment. With convenient hours
and a tranquil spa-like environment, you won’t find a better salon in northern Utah for all
of your facial waxing and hair removal needs.

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